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The White Collection

Introduction & Gallery

Painting and drawing animals has been a passion throughout my life. I have enjoyed some truly wonderful encounters and very precious moments observing these amazing creatures.

What I have always loved to do with my art is focus on the animal. So in 2016 I began a new project, painting against white. This is an exciting challenge, particularly with pastel! It leaves nothing to focus on except trying to capture the very essence of the animal. Everything is exposed, no backgrounds, no context, just nature in it's purest, simplest form.

By clicking on an image below you will be able to see information regarding the original artwork, a variety of prints, plus the opportunity to personalise your very own print! All the artwork and any accompanying verse on the prints reflect my own very personal experiences, thoughts and feelings. Some are humorous, some tender and some just totally exhilarating!

I hope you enjoy.

Wendy x


On The Breeze (Wolf)
Prints available from £20.

Passing Through (Wolf)
Prints available from £20.

The Vixen (Fox)
Prints available from £20.

The Fox Cub
Prints available from £20.

Snow Queen (Snow Leopard)
Prints available from £20.

Little Snow Man (Snow Leopard Cub)
Prints available from £20.

Nose To Tail (Fallow Deer Fawn)
Prints available from £20.


Looking for something more personal?

I offer unique personalised versions of all the White Heart Wildlife prints. Please see the Personalised Prints page for details.