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Personalise Your Print

Do you feel an affinity towards a particular animal, or know someone who does?

Perhaps you feel that you share certain characteristics or personality traits? Or maybe, quite simply, you just love them! Whatever it is that draws you, White Heart Wildlife can offer you the opportunity to personalise your very own print.

Add your name (or more)

A name can be added to your particular choice of Animal Heart along with the accompanying characteristics. Alternatively, perhaps you have your own verse, thoughts or message that you would like to combine with an image? The choice is yours.

These personalised prints can make a perfect gift for an animal loving friend or loved one. Currently there are only a few animals available to choose from, but more will be added soon.

If you are interested in ordering a print please fill in the form below. 

Wendy x

Choose "Fox Cub" on the order form below.

PricING & Delivery

Please allow 2 weeks for delivery of personalised prints.

A4 print (unmounted)
£35 inc postage and packing

Mounted print (to fit 14 x 11 inch frame)
£45 inc postage and packing

Framed print (external measurements 15 x 12 inches)
£65 inc postage and packing

Choose "Nose To Tail" on the order form below.

Choose "Passing Through" on the order form below.

Choose "Fox Cub" on the order form below.

Choose "On The Breeze" on the order form below.

Choose "Little Snow Man" on the order form below.

Choose "The Vixen" on the order form below.

Choose "Snow Queen" on the order form below.

How to Order

Please complete the form below, and I'll get back to you ASAP to confirm the details, and collect payment. Easy as that.

Your name *
Your name
Your chosen image *
Product type *
Please describe the name or personalisation you would like... or any questions that you have.