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New Painting!

wendy warren


This is my latest finished painting, which will be heading for the Marwell International Wildlife Art Society (MIWAS) annual exhibition, which starts in a couple of weeks time. It's called quite simply 'Wolf! ' 

I so enjoyed working on 'Nose to Tail', which was my first attempt at painting pastel onto white, that I was itching to have another go. This gorgeous wolf, with his wonderful intense stare and beautifully handsome features just called out to me as my next challenge. Working on white causes all sorts of new issues and you have to be sooooo careful. The paper I use is velour, which attracts every particle of dust and hair that you can possibly imagine! Consequently I have to cover as much of the paper as possible at all times and work as cleanly as possible. Every time I removed the cover I held my breath, as if there had been any marks that would have been the end of my lovely white background! I always have a back up background colour in mind just in case!!!!

I'm really enjoying working on the white and am looking forward to doing more in the future, however, if you should see a succession of paintings with coloured backgrounds you'll know what has happened! 

This painting is now on my International Wildlife page, where if you click on the image you'll be able to see a larger version. I hope you like it.