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About White Heart Wildlife

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Throughout my life I have always loved to draw, with the natural world as my constant focus. My love for animals is the inspiration for my work and there is nothing I find more compelling or challenging than trying to capture facial expressions and bone structure, or the intricacies of fur direction and form. I just love the detail!

When working on a painting, if possible I always endeavour to obtain my own reference material, it's so much more fun that way and after all, getting out there and observing the animals is what fuels the enthusiasm in the first place! Spending that precious time with my chosen subject, in whatever capacity, gives me that feeling of intimacy, of somehow feeling them. They are no longer just an animal in a photograph, I have a connection with them, I've spent time with them and watched them - quite simply, I care about them as an individual. This is so very important to me and forms the focus for most of my work. I need to feel that bond! Most pieces of artwork you see on this website are a reflection of a very personal experience for me. I hope that this comes through in my work.

I work almost solely in pastels and pastel pencils, using a particular type of paper called velour, which has a wonderful, velvety texture. The combination of the pastels on the velour for me, produces a beautiful softness and richness of colour which I absolutely love for depicting fur.


At Home

I am very fortunate to live with my lovely husband, two fab kids, a deaf geriatric cat and a gorgeous, crazy collie dog in a compact but lovely 17th century cottage in Hampshire.

Painting fits in around my very busy family life. As a consequence I’m not as prolific as I would like to be, but I’m working on it!